On Rhonda Cooper’s Retirement

20070823_Rhonda_CooperFormer University Art Gallery Director, Rhonda Cooper, is happily retired after thirty years with the gallery. The University Art Gallery presented the work of professional artists, generations of students, and esteemed faculty as a premier gallery under Rhonda Cooper’s tutelage. Professional artist shows from 2000 on include Susan Shatter: Tracking the Terrain (2003), Lucio Pozzi “Photoworks 1975-2004” (2004); Younhee Paik: Ascending River (2005), Paumanok (2006), Christa Erickson Prosthetic Memory, Bodies, Bits & Devices (2007), Philip Pearlstein (2007), Elizabeth Murray (2008) Stephanie Dinkins: This Land is My Land and Funktified (2009), Mel Pekarsky: Things in the Desert (2009), Humanitas: Images of India by Fredric Roberts (2010) RE-NATURED: Cui Fei and Roy Nicholson (2011), YOKO ONO IMAGINE PEACE Featuring John & Yoko’s Year of Peace (2011), Larry Rivers: Collaborations and Appropriations (2012).