“ANTIFORM,” a new exhibition featuring unconventional work by New York artists Lindsay Packer, Mitch Patrick and John Ros, is on display until February 18 at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery located in the Staller Center for the Arts.

The exhibition features art that is meant to relate the viewer to their own environments, either physical, perceptual or digital. Its title, “ANTIFORM,” is inspired by an art movement of the late 1960s, during which artists began to experiment with more materials and processes.

“The most important thing about this exhibition is that it’s experiential,” said Karen Levitov, Director and curator for the Zuccaire Gallery. “It transforms the space. We blacked out the windows to control the light, as there are many projected light pieces and videos, and pieces that use light. I think that the experience of the exhibition is really what’s important.”

The three artists collaborated to construct most of the exhibition’s pieces on-site using materials they found around the Staller Center. The exhibition is filled with optical projections that highlight aspects of the gallery space, and also includes some video pieces that were made previously. “ANTIFORM” is the first exhibition that Packer, Patrick and Ross have worked on together.


“I think it’s super important for people to come see art, even for students who aren’t in the arts, just to see how other people see the world and think,” Maggie Avolio ‘19, an art student in the MFA program who helped construct the exhibition, said.

As the semester continues, make sure to visit the Zuccaire Gallery and the other galleries on campus to take some time to enjoy the arts and culture on campus.

— By Joshua Pietzold

Joshua Pietzold ‘18 is a journalism major interning with the Office of Communications and Marketing.