DOUBLE PORTRAIT: Charley Friedman and Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez

Charley Friedman, Looking at the Sun (detail); Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez, Casta (detail)
Charley Friedman, Looking at the Sun (detail); Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez, Casta (detail)

January 20 – February 17, 2018

Reception: Saturday, January 20, 7pm
Artist Talk: Monday, January 22, 2:30pm
Charley Friedman, Science Project
Charley Friedman, Science Project

DOUBLE PORTRAIT brings together the work of Charley Friedman and Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez, an artist couple who make work that initially appears quite different, but upon further looking, embodies visual and conceptual overlays that create an intriguing dialog.

At once serious and funny, self-reflective and self-deprecating, Charley Friedman makes work that makes you smirk at his cleverness while laughing along with his quirky sculptures, drawings, video and photographs. At the same time, Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez uses the imagery of storytelling and lace-making to create intricate drawings, paintings and sculptures that poetically embody her expressions of humanity as seen through the lens of gender and political power and reflect her cultural memory of her homeland of Colombia. Seen together, their work touches on issues of identity, self and community in relation to society.

Charley Friedman, Garden, Nancy Friedeman-Sanchez, Travelers and Settlers
Charley Friedman, Garden; Nancy Friedeman-Sanchez, Travelers and Settlers
Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez and Charley Friedman in front of Friedemann-Sanchez's drawing
Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez and Charley Friedman in their studio with Friedemann-Sanchez’s Cornucopia


DOUBLE PORTRAIT and the 2017-2018 Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery schedule is made possible by a generous grant from the Paul W. Zuccaire Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the County of Suffolk and the Friends of Staller Center.