Preparing for Stony Brook University Art Department graduation in the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery
Preparing for Stony Brook University Art Department graduation in the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery

by Daniela Bizzell || May 20, 2016

As most already know, graduation season is upon us. In fact, it has very much arrived, bringing a slew of teary-eyed parents, frightened 20-somethings, and enough stuffed teddy bears dressed in miniature caps and gowns to fill a Toys R Us.

However, the ending of a semester, as many of us remember, can be a time of great reflection, accomplishment, and a perfect opportunity to look back on one’s work. In this case, in the world of a graduating art student, that reflection results in a senior show, and fortunately for the art majors and minors of Stony Brook University, they have the perfect platform to do so.

Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, located in Stony Brook University’s Staller Center, recently opened their doors to Stony Brook’s senior class majoring and minoring in Art. Showcasing the 2016 Senior Show, this annual exhibition includes a variety of works from students who have been perfecting their craft for the last four years, and then some.

Andri Achilleos's video True Love
Andri Achilleos’s video True Love
Andri Achilleos's scultpure Consumerism Had Me Like
Andri Achilleos’s sculpture Consumerism Had Me Like

The gallery is currently showcasing works including paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photographs, and mixed-media. In addition, there is an emphasis on digital media and the overlap between fine art and technology.

Each piece has been reviewed by Stony Brook University faculty, as well as both the President and Dean of the institution. Those faculty members then carefully selected the most outstanding students to receive a variety of achievement awards, rewarding them for their creativity, dedication, and, of course, craftsmanship.

The world of emerging artists begins within these very spaces, providing an ideal platform for those entering the art world to showcase their talents to a wider audience, moving one step closer to their artistic ambitions.

To the class of 2016, Artbean congratulates you for your vast achievements and wishes you the best of luck as you enter a new world of collaboration, creativity, and, of course, art.

Detail of Jenny Lam's Of Candy Monsters and Other Things
Detail of Jenny Lam’s Of Candy Monsters and Other Things

All photos taken by Alex Marcano, Artbean. For the full article and more photos, please visit Artbean.