SB Independent: Antiform Gallery Review

The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery, located in Stony Brook University’s Staller Center, recently open a new art exhibition. Unlike a typical art exhibit, filled with traditional paintings by artists like Picasso or Monet, this exhibition took an interesting twist.

New York artists, Lindsay Packer, Mitch Patrick and John Ros steps outside of the box from being your normal artists. They tried to incorporate a more physical aspect to their art pieces, such as manipulating light or using 3D printings.

Lindsay Packer experiments with different color light sources and simple materials that anyone can find in a convenience store. She uses items like a brown paper lunch bag to manipulate color in its shadow when light hits it. A lot of her work consists of optical projections to show multiple colors that form from a single object.

John Ros’s attitude towards creating some of his pieces involves using commonplace materials rather than expensive paints and pens. Ros also uses the gallery’s architectural structure to his advantage. He found some old art prints and taped them to the wall and even the ceiling.

Digital art is now becoming a prevalent medium as technology advances. Mitch Patrick breaks into this medium when he creates his pieces using 3D printing. He also utilizes videos to display some of his pieces.

It is interesting to see Packer’s pieces transform ordinary items into works of art. The way she plays with color and light are especially intriguing because she uses three main colored lights, which are red, blue and green, and when overlapped, their shadows create colors, like orange, purple and pink.

I would really recommend anyone who is an appreciator of art or just wants to see something new in the art world, apart from paintings and sculptures.