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Director and Curator

Karen Levitov


Gallery Coordinator

Georgia LaMair

Student Staff & Interns 

Meet this year's Zuccaire Gallery education interns!

Grace Ahn 

intern photo

Grace is a senior majoring in marine vertebrate biology with a minor in journalism. She has been on the Stony Brook Rowing team since her freshman year and is currently the Fundraising Chair. Her hobbies include hiking, biking, and trying new foods. Her career interests lie in informal science education and coupling research with policy someday.

Aarinola Akinduyi 

intern photo

Aarinola is a senior at Stony Brook University studying biology. Outside of her interest in behavioral biology she is also passionate about sustainability, particularly involving textile waste and the clothing industry, and mental health advocacy. In her free time she can either be found sewing, listening to music or nose deep in a horror novel (or any combo of the three!). 

Kathine Chen 


Hello! I'm Kathine, my pronouns are he/him/she/her. I'm a   Studio Art  and   Psychology  double major at Stony Brook University. I like to think of myself as a Renaissance person because I have very diverse interests:

I'm often told I seem like an anime character, and it's true that anime/manga plays a huge role in my personality. However, I'm also a huge mythology nerd, as well as a sucker for art history, mystery novels, sewing, writing, old rock and country music, gardening-- you get the idea.

This variety makes me the person that I am, and it's apparent in my art. I have a hard time sticking to one style, and I'm always bringing both old and new experiences into my artwork, but of course everything I create is uniquely   me. I hope to make use of all my interests to create unique art experiences that others can enjoy!


Daneris Ortega 

intern photo

Daneris Ortega is an Art History and Criticism major at Stony Brook whose interests lay at the intersection of deeply reflective writing, art, and work that builds and reinforces communal connections through various mediums. 

Lea Shvarts 


Lea is a sophomore, double majoring in Anthropology and Marine Science. When not attending class, you can find her exploring parks, wandering museums, reading and drawing.


Kimberly Reyes Fuentes


Kimberly is currently a linguistics major. No, that doesn't mean she's a polyglot, but she would like to make it happen. Her interests revolve around studying other cultures or simply watching a foreign film to see if she could learn any phrases in that language. She's a learner and always tries to maintain a positive attitude. Her aim at SBU is to drink all the bubble milk teas!