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Art Galleries on Campus

Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery

The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery presents dynamic professional and student exhibitions in a 5,000 square foot space in the Staller Center for the Arts at Stony Brook University. Exhibitions bring works by celebrated artists to the campusas well as feature the work of  undergraduate, graduate students and the distinguished faculty of the Art Department.



Charles B. Wang Center

Stony Brook University's Charles B. Wang Center is dedicated to being the foremost world-class center of Asian and Asian American arts and culture.



Simons Center for Geometry and Physics

The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Art and Science Program at Stony Brook University is an ambitious outreach program connecting artists, scientists, and the community at large. The Simons Center Gallery goals include hosting intellectually inquisitive art by internationally acclaimed artists and scientists working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.



Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery

The Lawrence Alloway Memorial Gallery is a place for Master of Fine Arts graduate students to display their works of art throughout their program. It is located on 1st floor of Melville Library. 



Art Department Gallery

Powerful work is being created in our Art Department at Stony Brook University. Visit the second floor of Staller Center to see undergraduate and graduate students' works on display.



Special Collections and University Archives

Special Collections & University Archives is recipient of the New York Board of Regents and New York State Archives

"Annual Archives Award for Program Excellence in a Historical Records Repository."



Latin American & Caribbean Culture Art Gallery

The LACS Gallery became a Long Island showcase for Latin American and Latino arts, including the prize-winning show “Unseen America,” documentary photography made by Latino day-workers.



Tabler Art Gallery

The College of Arts , Culture, and Humanities—located in the five residence hall Tabler Quad— gives students the ideal context in which to explore their artistic creativity and cultural curiosity. The Tabler Center houses a 250-seat performance space for theater, dance, and music, a radio and television studio, an art gallery devoted exclusively to undergraduate works, practice rooms and artist's studios, a digital arts laboratory with the latest arts software, a conference hall and classroom.  



Stony Brook University Art Crawl

Interactive Art on Campus Map