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ANTIFORM: Packer, Patrick & Ros



January 24 – February 18, 2017

Artist Talk & Reception: Tuesday, January 31, 5-8 pm
Salon Talk by John Ros: Wednesday, February 1, 4 pm
Salon Talk by Lindsay Packer: Wednesday, February 8, 4 pm
The exhibition and events are free admission.


The Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery is pleased to present ANTIFORM, an exhibition by three experimental New York artists: Lindsay Packer, Mitch Patrick and John Ros. The artists create work that relates viewers to their physical, perceptual and digital environments, often in response to the site of the installation itself. ANTIFORM: Packer, Patrick & Ros, opens on January 24, with an Artist Talk & Reception for the artists on Tuesday, January 31 from 5-8pm in the Zuccaire Gallery, located on the first floor of the Staller Center for the Arts.

The exhibition's title, ANTIFORM, is borrowed from an art movement of the late 1960s in which artists' interest shifted from strict Minimalist forms to materials and processes, including chance. With a nod to the earlier generation, the contemporary artists in ANTIFORM move away from pure sculpture toward analog and digital work with an interest in everyday materials, process and perception.

Lindsay Packer uses found materials, colored light and shadow, along with existing architectural elements, to create unexpected optical projections. Packer is creating some of her pieces on-site and is also showing video work. John Ros‘ interventions are constructed on-site and can include building materials, refuse and discarded objects, light sources, natural light and sound, to draw attention to subtleties of place. Ros is constructing all of his work on-site during the installation period, using materials found in and around the Staller building and responding to physical elements of the gallery itself, such as its architectural features, as well as shadow and light. Mitch Patrick brings this practice into the digital arena, using video and 3D printing to examine the relationship of viewers, screens and pixels. All three of the artists are interested in focusing our awareness and perception of the actual or virtual spaces we inhabit.

antiform Lindsay Packer, Mitch Patrick, John Ros, Antiform, 2016, Collaborative digital print, Original file size: 29.5 x 23.5 in. / 74.9 x 59.7 cm

In addition to their work on view in the Gallery, Packer, Patrick and Ros created a collaborative digital print for ANTIFORM. The artists each contributed one visual layer of information to the image, establishing links between the artists’ individual works and processes, visual languages and relationships to space, color and form. This image serves as a starting point for analog and digital collaboration between the three artists within the physical space of the gallery in ANTIFORM.

The ANTIFORM poster is available to visitors free of charge on a first come, first serve basis.

john ros john ros, untitled: (southeast stairwell), 2017, giclée print, edition of 15 w/ 2 AP's, 19 x 13 in. / 48.25 x 33 cm

A limited edition giclée print by John Ros created for ANTIFORM is A limited edition giclée print by John Ros created for ANTIFORM is available for purchase by clicking here. Proceeds benefit the Zuccaire Gallery. Edition numbers 1-8 may be picked up in the Gallery and numbers 9-15 can be picked up in NYC or shipped. Contact the Gallery at 631-632-7240 or for more information.