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RECKONING: Student Mural


February 1-March 1, 2021
Open Monday through Friday from 12-2pm and by appointment. Masks and social distancing are required.

Visit the online exhibition here:  

The Zuccaire Gallery presents RECKONING: Student Mural featuring artwork by Stony Brook University students. Over 60 artworks from students across campus and around the world were submitted to the Gallery’s online student digital murallast fall on the theme of Reckoning, in response to the challenges and issues of the day. The Zuccaire Gallery invites you to visit to see the printed artwork on the walls of the Gallery from February 1-March 1, 2021, along with a slideshow of the RECKONING Faculty Exhibition. A large paper mural on the wall of the Gallery offers a space for creative drawings and writings -- visit the Zuccaire Gallery and add your voice. 

Over the past year, we have experienced a pandemic and major changes to how we learn, work and live, as well as the ongoing issues of xenophobia and racial injustice, Black Lives Matter protests, political activism, #MeToo, climate change, uncertainty of the future, and more. In light of the challenges the world is facing today, creative responses form a crucial component of expression, activism and hope for the future. The RECKONING exhibition is an opportunity to reflect and contribute to this dialogue.

In addition to the Gallery exhibition, please visit the online RECKONING Student Mural and Faculty Exhibition where you can explore the artwork, listen to students discuss their contributions, read Faculty artist statements and listen to Faculty Salon Artist Talks on the theme of Reckoning.


Gianna Coscia "I Matter"Gianna Coscia,"I matter"
Rabia Gursoy, In silence

Rabia Gursoy,In silence


Drew Ma, People During Covid-19

Drew Ma, People During COVID-19

Cinthia Alvarez-Buonaiuto

Cinthia Alverez-Buoniuto, Deep Impact