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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions     


Language and Power in Contemporary Art

November 11, 2021- February 25, 2022

Mis/Communication: Language and Power in Contemporary Art  features video, sculpture, drawing, and interactive media artworks by contemporary artists who explore the power of language in a cultural context. Artwork by mostly young and emerging artists examines issues such as the global predominance of English and the societal tendency to censure other languages, dialects and linguistic practices.

Martine Syms, Notes on Gesture (video still),  2014



Printing Solidarity:

Tricontinental Graphics from Cuba

December 1, 2021- February 25, 2022

Printing Solidarity: Tricontinental Graphics from Cuba is an exhibition of global printed matter published in the 1960s-80s by the Organization of Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia, and Latin America (OSPAAAL), a cultural organization of artists and designers founded in 1966 in Havana. Presenting over 50 archival posters and magazines with strikingly colorful and geometric designs, Printing Solidarity offers a glimpse into the revolutionary aesthetics and agenda of this print collective.




MFA Thesis Exhibition                                    Spring 2022

SENIOR SHOW & URECA                              Spring 2022

Art & the Environment                July-October 2022


More information to follow.