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Artist Talks 

artist talkThe Zuccaire Gallery presents diverse perspectives and fosters a space for the exploration and discussion of relevant issues of our time. For every exhibition, we host artist talks, workshops, and discussions related to work on view. 

Visit Events page to find out more information about upcoming programs. Check out our youtube channel for recordings of virtual salon talks and more. 

Past Artist Talks, Panel Discussions, Performances, and Workshops
  • Artist Talk: Featuring Artist Annemarie Waugh & Evan Joo from the Ashley Schiff Preserve,  Celebrating Environmental Awareness Month
  • Salon Talk: Stuart Balius, Marta Baumiller, Yifei Cheng, and Annemarie Waugh,  Four: MFA Thesis Exhibition 2021
  • Art Crawl: Featuring  Zuccaire Gallery, Simons Center, Wang Center and Melville Library 
  • Salon Talk: Artists: Isak Berbic, Toby Buonagurio, Stephanie Dinkins, Qin Han, Carter Johnson, Jason Paradis,  Lorraine Walsh. Moderated by Karen Levitov, Director, Zuccaire Gallery, RECKONING: Faculty Exhibition 2020                  
  • Salon Talk:  Artists: Izumi Ashizawa,Nobuho Nagasawa, Howardena Pindell, 

    Lorena Salcedo-Watson, 

    Margaret Schedel, 

    Maya Schindler. Moderated by Judith Brown Clarke, PhD, RECKONING: Faculty Exhibition 2020              
  • Short Film & Artist Talk: Howardena Pindell, In Residence: A History of A.I.R. Gallery
  • Performance: Carmelita Tropicana, ARTISTS AS INNOVATORS
  • Workshop: Intro to Quilting: Story Quilts & Faith Ringgold, ARTISTS AS INNOVATORS
  • Workshop: Toni Blackman, Hip-Hop Meditation
  • Salon Talk: Judith K. Brodsky, Paddy Johnson, Katy Siegel, Women's Leadership in the Arts, ARTISTS AS INNOVATORS: Celebrating Three Decades of NYSCA/NYFA Fellowships
  • Artist Talk: Laylah Amatullah Barrayn in dialogue with Professor Abena Asare, THE VIEW FROM HERE: Contemporary Perspectives From Senegal
  • Curator Talk: Joseph Underwood, THE VIEW FROM HERE: Contemporary Perspectives From Senegal
  • Artists in Conversation: American Artist with Dread Scott & Jenny Polak,

    moderated by Professor Stephanie Dinkins, ICONICITY(photo above)
  • Artist/Curator Talk: Gretta Louw, ICONICITY
  • Slide Slam: Patchogue Arts Council, SLIDE SLAM 2: ImPACtful Connections
  • Salon Talk: Howardena Pindell, Lorena Salcedo-Watson, & Maya Schindler; Martin Levine & Ian Alan Paul; Isak Berbic, Takafumi Ide, Mel Pekarsky; Patricia Maurides & Jason Paradis; Toby Buonagurio, Bruce Lieberman, & Lorraine Walsh; Nobuho Nagawasa & Jeong-A Seong, FACULTY EXHIBITION
  • Gallery Talk: Katherine Kellerman, The Art of Collecting
  • Artist Talk: Nancy Friedemann-Sanchez and Charley Friedman, DOUBLE PORTRAIT
  • Artist Talk: Sara Greenberger Rafferty, GLOVES OFF
  • Salon Talk: Andrew Ingall, Sara Greenberger Rafferty: GLOVES OFF
  • Salon Talk: Jeremy Dennis, RACE, LOVE AND LABOR
  • Salon Talk: Tommy Kha, RACE, LOVE AND LABOR
  • Panel Discussion: Artists Alma Leiva and Tommy Kha, Professor Abena Asare, and Professor Nerissa S. Balce. Moderated by Professor Stephanie Dinkins, RACE, LOVE AND LABOR
  • Salon Talk: Alma Leiva, RACE, LOVE AND LABOR
  • Performance: Emily Beattie, ROLLING POINT
  • Artist Talk: Lindsay Packer, Mitch Patrick and John Ros, ANTIFORM
  • Salon Talk: John Ros, ANTIFORM
  • Salon Talk: Lindsay Packer, ANTIFORM
  • Gallery Talk: Karen Levitov, Curator Talk and Q&A
  • Artist Talk: Lorna Bieber, Traces
  • Salon Talk: Shea Hembrey, David Mather, Stephanie Dinkins, IN CONVERSATION
  • Salon Talk: Lorena Salcedo-Watson, Elisabeth Spettel, Jason Paradis, David Mather, Stephanie Dinkins, Wednesday Salon Series
  • Artist Talk: Guerrilla Girls, Not Ready to Make Nice: Guerrilla Girls in the Artworld and Beyond
  • Q&A: Albert Bouchard, ON THE RECORD: Album Cover Art
  • Artist Talk: Maria Chavez & Byron Westbrook, Earfest 2016: RESONANT STRUCTURES
  • Concert: Maria Chavez, John Driscoll, Richard Garet, Robert Hamilton, Wei Wei Jin, Tristan Perich & Byron Westbrook, Earfest 2016: RESONANT STRUCTURES
  • Artist Talk: Isabel Manalo, SKIN CODES
  • Artist Talk: Rachel Beach, Paul Behnke, Matthew Neil Gehring, Rebecca Murtaugh and Fran O’Neill, FORM AND FACTURE
  • Performance: Kate Gilmore, TOP DRAWER